Frames come in a variety colours, finished, widths and depths, there are may types of frames available to suit your framing needs. Your selection of a frame should enhance you image. Frames can be attained in a variety of martials as well, such as wood or metal.


Mats come in a variety of colours, textures and sizes we have may types of mats to suit your needs. Mats can be combined to give you beautiful designs, mats can be custom cut to your specifications. Many, many designs can be incorporated in the mats, such as v groves, open v groves and shadow matts (just to mention a few). Mats come in a variety of materials (paper, Suede, silk and other fabrics). The core of a mat can be a different colour then the mat it self. Wen attaining a mat you should consider the PH balance of a mat. Mats raise the glass from the art, this prevents condensation from gathering and prevents your art or certificate from sticking to the glass.


Glasses also referred to as glazing come in a variety of sizes and types to suit your framing needs. Same common type of glasses are regular, UV, Non Glare, acrylic and Conservation Glass (combination of UV and Non Glare Glass). Glass can protect your art, certificate or framing objects.


Backing is need as a solid substance to push the glass, mats, certificate or art to the forefront, so that the framing stays intact. Backing come in a variety of materials (cardboard, corrugated plastic, gator board or foam core. Backing can be attained in regular or acid free, wen considering conservation framing please also consider the PH balance of the backing.

Picture Hanging

There are many ways to hang pictures, we use a variety of hanging mechanisms for picture hanging. Because mirrors are heavy special hangers are used to hang them, other types are of mechanisms are single hole D rings, double hole D rings, saw tooth, key hole and eye hole hangers.


Liners come in a variety of colors and sizes, there are 2 types of liners, firstly seamed and the other is seamless liner. I most cases you would have a wood liner with a fabric on top. The seamless liner you would have the fabric on top of the Liner, there for you don’t see the seam in the corners. Liners take the place of a mat on an oil picture.


Fillets are a decorative edge placed on the edge of a frame or a mat, they have to be cut precisely and adhered. They provide a unique look to the art work (they can be used on enhance a certificate or an object to. Fillets have acidity but a barrier can be used so that they don’t touch art work. Fillets come in a variety of sizes and finishes.